10 feb. 2010

1. La Galería de Comercio presents projects –by invitation- conceived according to gallery space, to its physical, social, urban, economic and political space.

2. La Galería de Comercio exists only momentarily and produces no leftovers-residues in situ.

3. The very place of La Galería de Comercio is its space in the street and occasionally includes the walls, furniture, persons, animals, vegetables or any other object that may inhabit it. Its time is permanently temporary and/or simultaneous.

4. La Galería de Comercio presents autonomous projects, which should not need maintenance. It also presents projects which could remain according to its use and the environment conditions; or projects that voluntarily include failure, transformation or destruction in its conception, as part of its nature.

5. La Galería de Comercio’s policy is neither to harm or threat its surroundings and environment, nor to damage or endanger its inhabitants and its buildings. La Galería de Comercio demands to respect the same policy from the responsible of each participating project.

6. La Galería de Comercio presents low budget and no budget projects. Each project will be supported with a symbolic fee (US$50) for production expenses; this fee will not change in any case. Each project person in charge should cover other expenses -material or labor related-.

7. La Galería de Comercio presents one project each month, during a public event, with a fixed date and time.

8. La Galería de Comercio broadcasts, documents and follows up each project.

9. La Galería de Comercio does not keep, store, commercialize or contest works, authenticity certificates, nor its property, copyrights or percentages from any possible moral or economic profit generated by any of the projects presented.

La Galería de Comercio is a free entity, and it’s not ruled in a democratic way, nor it’s a government agency.

La Galería de Comercio reserves the right to change of address at its Owen discretion and will. Its potential ubiquity is proportional to the specific needs of the possible projects.

For any further question commentary or suggestion, please contact:

La Galería de Comercio

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