18 mar. 2010

Alias y La Galería de Comercio jueves 25 de marzo del 2010

La Galería de Comercio & Alias
Teignmouth Electron
(Spanish Version)
By Tacita Dean
March 25 2010, 20:00 hrs.
La Galería de Comercio
Comercio street, at the corner of Martí street
Col. Escandón
México City
Live electronic variations on Space Odity (David Bowie)
by Manuel Rocha & Grupo Versus

Tacita Dean (Canterbury, England, 1965) was educated as a painter, but she makes drawings, photography and sound, and she is better known for her 16 and 35 mm films. Her work searches the connection between past and present, fiction and reality; she maps the objective and private worlds, tracing the complex interaction between them.

Captivated by the sea as a leitmotiv, Dean approaches it in her work as linked to the sublime; its elemental force represent human emotions: turbulent and indomitable. Particularly moved by Donald Crowhurst's tragic tale -who pretended to sail alone and scaleless around the seas aboard of his Teignmouth Eletron ship- Dean raised the research project presented in this book -first time translated into Spanish-, exploring her personal implication in Crowhurst's journey, giving expression to her feelings and ideas, besides the images of the ship, captured at Caiman Brac.

For more than two years Alias is a publishing initiative by Damián Ortega, and has published in this time eleven titles on and by some of the most relevant contemporary artists in Spanish, like: Marcel Duchamp, John Cage, Robert Filliou, Jimmie Durham, Lawrence Weiner, Dan Graham, Robert Smithson, Gabriel Orozco, Hélio Oiticica and Cildo Meireles. Each edition, similar in format, has an individual identity, suggested both by the content as by the original presentetion of each book, as Alias is thought to make twin books, aka books, or nickname books.

Alias is a disclosure and non profit project:


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